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Psychoanalysis and Art: Fifth International Symposium

"The Past Transformed in Art and Psychoanalysis"
Florence - Thursday, May 26th - Sunday, May 29th, 2011

This will be the Fifth Symposium in Florence on Psychoanalysis and Art.

The Symposium is inter-disciplinary, international and inter-continental; four continents will be represented. The theme of this symposium, “The past transformed in art and psychoanalysis” has far reaching implications for both fields. The diverse presentations reference psychoanalysis, art history, cultural history, academic psychology, neuroscience, etc. This inter-disciplinary approach is enriching for all.

The main focus on the traditional visual arts is expanded to include cinema and opera. Among the plenary speakers will be the Superintendent of Fine Art in Florence and the Director of the Uffizi Museum as well as an eminent neuroscientist and art historians.

The beautiful symposium venues in Florence provide an enhancing background for the proceedings of the symposium. The art and history of the city of Florence render it a magnificent travel destination.

Prof. Harold P. Blum


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