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Allan Frankland, "The Little Psychotherapy Book: Object Relations in Practice", Oxford University Press, 2010

Photo: Jacqueline Kooter, Netherlands - takt kunstprojektraum Berlin

Aimed at beginning therapists and those new to object relations, this concise work introduces the reader to the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapy from an object relations (O-R) perspective in a dynamic and easy-to-follow way. One of the four main schools of psychodynamic psychotherapy, O-R is regarded as particularly challenging, both conceptually and practically. The book presents object relations in a clear and concise manner that makes it especially applicable for regular use in the clinical setting. Moreover, the author writes in a narrative style similar to actual psychotherapy supervision; dialogues between a therapist and a fictitious patient appear throughout the book to illustrate common clinical situations. Designed to complement actual training in psychotherapy, the book suggests ways in which the therapist can incorporate object relations tools with other forms of therapy, regardless of the clinical setting. Ideal for students, trainees, and clinicians in psychiatry, psychology, social work, family medicine, and psychiatric nursing, The Little Psychotherapy Book will prove invaluable for any reader seeking a helpful and succinct introduction to object relations in psychotherapy.

  • Uniquely concise and offers practical and clinically relevant suggestions to the beginning therapist
  • Written using a simple, narrative writing style that is similar to actual psychotherapy supervision
  • Features sample dialogues between a therapist and fictitious patient at various stages during her therapy
  • Explains how to use the concepts and skills described to strengthen and enrich any care-giving relationship, regardless of the clinical setting

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