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epff6: Sixth European Psychoanalytic Film Festival: "Border-Crossing: Migration Across National and Mental States", London, 3-6 November 2011

The Sixth European Psychoanalytic Film Festival (epff6) will include screenings of some remarkable European films under the theme "Border-Crossing: Migration Across National and Mental States". Join us for:
  • Discussions of the films with their directors, psychoanalysts and the audience
  • Lectures and round-tables with analysts and film scholars
  • A social programme to accompany the festival

The festival is aimed at anyone with a passion for cinema who would like the opportunity to see and explore excellent European films, providing a forum for creative dialogue between psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, film makers, academics, critics, students and film enthusiasts. It is organised by The Institute of Psychoanalysis under the Honorary Presidency of Bernardo Bertolucci.


The Immigrant (Charlie Chaplin, USA 1917, 20 min, with live piano accompaniment)

Steam of Life (Joonas Berghall & Mika Hotakainen, Finland 2010, 81 min)

The Reverse (Borys Lankosz, Poland 2009, 99 min)

Buick Riviera (Goran Rusinovic, Croatia 2008, 86 min)

La Forteresse (Fernand Melgar, Switzerland 2008, 104 min)

My Own Executioner (Anthony Kimmins, Great Britain 1948, 108 min)

Stuck on Christmas (Iulia Rugina, Romania 2010, 38 min)

Hotel Sahara (Bettina Haasen, Germany 2009, 85 min)

Il vento fa il suo giro (Giorgio Diritti, Italy 2005, 110 min)

Princesses (Fernando León de Aranoa, Spain 2005, 113 min)

The Postcard (Stefan Le Lay, France 2009, 7 min)


Diana Diamond and Lissa Weinstein
"Myth, fairy tale and film: creating on the border between the real and the imaginary: Powell’s The Red Shoes (UK 1948) and Cocteau’s Orphée (France 1950)"

Salek Kutschinski and Katharina Leube
"Re-migration as a resurrection fantasy in Fatih Akin’s Head-On [Gegen die Wand] (Germany 2004)"


Welcome by David Bell, President of the British Psychoanalytical Society and by Andrea Sabbadini, Director of the European Psychoanalytic Film Festival.

"Exiles, Refugees and Expatriates: European Filmmakers and the Illusion of Return” Lecture by Catherine Portuges, chaired by Peter Evans

Eva Hoffman in conversation with Susannah Radstone

Vivian Pramataroff and Andreas Hamburger reporting on the “Film & Psychoanalysis” conference (Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2010).

Laura Mulvey and Andrea Sabbadini chairing the Final Plenary Discussion


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