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Richard M. Zeitner, "Self Within Marriage The Foundation for Lasting Relationships", Routledge, June 2011

Self Within Marriage combines the theoretical orientations of object-relations theory, self psychology, and systems theory as a way of understanding and working with couples and individuals whose relationship and emotional difficulties have centered on the common conundrum of balancing individuality and intimacy. Based on detailed case examples and couple therapy techniques, Self Within Marriage provides individual and couple therapists with a refreshing new framework for working with clients and for helping them understand who they are as individuals and as partners.

Table of Contents

That Vital Balance: Being and Intimacy. The Incomplete Self. You Complete Me: Attachment as the Antidote. Marriage and Other Loving Partnerships: An Interface of Psychology, Biology, and Sociology. Functions of Sexuality in the Adult Partnership. The Centrality of the Selfdyad in the Dynamic Organization of the Couple. Context, Relationship Maintenance, and Refueling. When the Self Fails to Flourish. Introspection and Its Enemies. Considerations for Treatment.

Author/Editor Biography

Richard M. Zeitner, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who has been in practice for thirty years, specializing in psychoanalysis, couple, and family therapy. He is the director of the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute, where he is also a training and supervising analyst.


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