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Ian St James-Roberts, The Origins, Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems. An Evidence-Based Guide for Healthcare Professionals and the Families They Support, Routledge, February 2012

Babies who cry a lot, or are unsettled in the night, are common sources of concern for parents and, consequently, costly problems for health services. In this book, Ian St James-Roberts summarises the evidence concerning infant crying and sleeping problems to provide a new evidence-based approach to these common challenges for parents and health services. The book begins by distinguishing between infant and parental parts of the problems and provides guidelines for assessing each issue.

Topics covered include:
  • the pros and cons of 'infant-demand' versus 'limit-setting' forms of parenting
  • causes of infant 'colicky' crying and night waking
  • effects of night-time separations on infant attachments
  • interventions such as swaddling, herbal remedies, and 'controlled crying.'

Since there is now firm evidence that parents' vulnerabilities and cultural backgrounds affect how problems are defined and guidance is acted upon, and that parents who wish to do so can reduce infant crying and unsettled night waking, social factors are considered alongside medical issues.

Translating research evidence into practical tools and guidance, The Origins, Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems will be essential reading for a wide range of healthcare professionals including mental health staff, social workers, midwives, health visitors, community physicians and paediatricians.

Table of Contents

Overview of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems and this Book. The Nature and Identification of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems. What Do We Know About the Infant Part of Infant Crying Problems? What Do We Know About the Causes of Prolonged, Unsoothable Crying in Early Infancy? What Do We Know About the Infant Part of Infant Sleeping Problems? What Do We Know About the Causes of Infant Night Waking and Signalling? The Influence of Parents' Cultural and Personal Beliefs on Their Care-giving and Infant Sleep-waking Behaviours. Multiple, Infant Crying, Sleeping and Other Problems After Three Months of Age. Best Practice for Preventing Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems: Anticipatory Guidance for Professionals to Share with Parents. Best Practice for Treatment: Guidelines for Managing Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems After They Have Begun.

Author/Editor Biography

Ian St James-Roberts is a Professor of Child Psychology in the University of London, UK, with 30 years of experience in carrying out research into infant crying and sleeping behaviours and problems


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