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Loretta and Felix Loeb, Helping Men: Coming Soon From IPBooks

miercuri, 1 august 2012

Helping Men: A Psychoanalytic Approach by Loretta and Felix Loeb to be published by IPBooks in August, to be available in hardcover for $60 on this website.

Here is noted analyst Sylvia Brody’s review of Helping Men:
This is a book of hope and compassion that describes in detail the analytic processes in the treatment of men whose sexualities are conflicted. The authors eschew political correctness as well as restrictive dogma. They provide their patients with the freedom to choose what they want and need rather than something imposed by the treaters. It is written by two psychoanalysts with many years experience helping men and women. It offers therapists models for empathic and effective treatment and practice.
—Sylvia Brody, PhD. Psychoanalyst


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