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Independent Neuroblogs as part of the science blogging ecosystem

Independent Neuroblogs as part of the science blogging ecosystem:

Did you know there are at least 85 blogs on neuro/psych topics written by individuals (or small groups) outside of the blog network model? And that you can follow a feed of these blogs in several ways?

Independent Neuroblogs, a combined aggregate feed for non-network Neuroscience Blogs, started on FriendFeed in response to the proliferation (and increasing clout) of blog networks after the implosion of ScienceBlogs in 2010. The infamous PepsiGate scandal caused an exodus of bloggers from the once-mighty network (which still exists, by the way). Many bloggers went to other networks, including those hosted by Discover, Wired, Guardian, PLOS, and eventually Scientific American, or else started their own network, most prominently at Scientopia.


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