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Heart Beats

Heart Beats (2011) by Julie Legault is a wristwatch where time changes according to the wearer's heart beats.

Because Time slows when I'm with you, and Time flies, and Time stops with every heartbeat.

Stretching or shrinking hours at the beat of your heart, measured and regulated only to you, the Heartbeat Watch is a timepiece in which time is modified in duration according to the wearer's heartbeat.

Through heighten awareness of the self, the timepiece brings together art and science to reveal emotional complexity of time and the human body. A poetic yet functional investigation of physiology of emotions, health, internal clocks, immortality and control, the watch bridges the gap between society and medical science, invoking a broader cultural perception of life.

We feel our heart beating, we hear our blood singing .. but we have no direct access to exact knowledge of what is inside our bodies. (Robert Zwijnenberg, The Scientific Imaginary in Visual Culture, p. 31)

Source: http://www.v2.nl/archive/works/heart-beats


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