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2013 Sony World Photography Awards

The Wealthy Roma of Buzescu by Ivan Kashinsky

Recent World Photography Organisation a anunţat lista scurtă pentru 2013 Sony World Photography Awards, menit să recompenseze cele mai mari realizări în domeniul fotografiei profesioniste.

Au fost înscrise în acest scop peste 122 000 de fotografii din 170 de ţări.

Iată-le, mai jos, pe cele mai bune.

Yi Peng Lantern Festival 2012 by Ng Chai Hock

Personality and society. Reality vs illusions. by Ilya Pitalev

Game of Colors by Anurag Kumar

Afrometals by Daniele Tamagni

White-handed Tree Frog by Hudson Garcia

The Last Days of Obama’s Campaign by Brooks Kraft

Machine Gun Americana by Pete Muller

Faster than the Speed of Sound by Balazs Gardi

Eye to Eye by Rob Van Thienen

Journey to Jerusalem of Africa by Gali Tibbon

Urban Darkness by Christof Pluemacher

A Portrait of the Matterhorn by Nenad Saljic

On the Shore of a Vanishing Island by Daesung Lee

Bolted by Adam Pretty

Jim Rickey by Christian Aslund

Face to Face by Christian Vizl

Inside Kabul’s Screens by Danish Siddiqui

Starry Tree by Elmar Akhmetov

Waikiki Beach by Flavio D’Aquino

Running for Life by Frederick van Heerden

Don’t Leave Me Alone by Hoang Hiep Nguyen

Untitled by Huu Hung Truong

Nature’s Fightback by Jimmy

Haweswater Calm by Joe Stockdale

Dubai Aerials by Johannes Heuckeroth

Wasp by John Matzick

Sheep River by Maciej Grzegorzek

Soul of Sir Hitchcock by Maciej Makowski

Action Inside by Markus Reugels

Makro Dunyasi by Mehmet Karaca

Butterfly Magic by Petar Sabol

The Godfather by Peter Delaney

Urban Environment by Robert Gifford

Encerrados by Valerio Bispuri

Sursă: http://www.worldphoto.org/about-the-sony-world-photography-awards/


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