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Name of the Father, ‘One’ of the Mother: From Beauvoir to Lacan

Name of the Father, ‘One’ of the Mother: From Beauvoir to Lacan:
In 1973 the philosopher Francoise Collin (1928-2012) founded, with Jacqueline Aubenas, the first French-language feminist journal, Les Cahiers du Grif. Collin was also a writer of fiction and recits {Rose quipeut, Le jour fabuleux, 331 W 20, Le Rendezvous), a poet (Le jardin de Louise, On dirait une ville), a public intellectual and an essayist (Jepartirai d’un mot, Le differend des sexes). She introduced the work of Hannah Arendt into France (L’homme est-il devenu superftu? Hannah Arendt), and was the author of a watershed work, the first study of Maurice Blanchot (Maurice Blanchot et la question de Vecriture). She was a vigorous feminist activist, producing numerous anthologies, conferences, seminars, translations (Gertrude Stein; Woolf’s The Waves), essays on contemporary gender politics, and on new women artists and writers.


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