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Psychoanalytic Explorations in Art (1952)

This book first appeared in a hardcover edition in 1952, during the heyday of the shaping and predominance of ego psychology. One of the famous founders of that school of thought was, of course, Ernst Kris. Now, almost 50 years later, International Universities Press offers the same book again, this time in a softcover edition. It seems to be exactly the same book; I could find nothing that has been added from the original plates. At first I was puzzled, in an era when ego psychology is in eclipse in many centers, as to why the publisher saw fit to issue a work that is one of the classics of ego psychology.

Actually, it is a foundational work and in some ways could even serve as a textbook of applied ego psychology for those readers who already have a basic familiarity with it. The book remains a classic on the subject of psychoanalytic explorations in art, although it has been superseded by a number of in-depth studies, as summarized in my recent work.

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