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Subclinical Symptoms Predict Recurrence of Depression in Older Clients

Subclinical Symptoms Predict Recurrence of Depression in Older Clients: Older individuals face challenges that the majority of younger people do not. Medical and physical problems often occur in later life. Adjusting to major life changes, including loss of independence, loss of mobility, financial shifts, and smaller social networks can all affect a person?s well-being. For those who have depression, these types of conditions can compound an already difficult situation.

Depression by itself can be difficult to treat. For older clients, the additional stresses that come with advanced age can make depression more treatment resistant and can increase risk of recurrence. In fact, the majority of clients who experience remission of depression often continue to experience subclinical symptoms for a period of time. Therefore, it is imperative to determine if these symptoms can predict relapse in clients undergoing treatment for depression, especially older individuals.


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