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Review of La Belle Noiseuse by Selma Duckler

220px-Belle_noiseuseReview of La Belle Noiseuse by Selma Duckler:
After I watched Jacques Rivette’s masterpiece film, La Belle Noiseuse, that won the coveted grand prix in the 1991 Cannes film festival, I knew I wanted to review it, and I knew this director was familiar with psychoanalysis, or had an uncanny sense of the exchanges, developments,failures and successes in intimate relationships such as the one between a therapist and patient. 

I went to Google and typed in my question. Has Jacques rivette been psychoanalyzed? Three interesting results came up among many others. he is mentioned in The Textbook of Psychoanalysis by Gabbard, Litowitz, Williams, there is a discussion of a scene from LaBelle Noiseuse in Love they Neighbor by Slavoj Zizek which has a Lacanian base, and when Rivette was interviewed at the 1974 New York Film Festival by John Hughes, one paragraph in the long discussion validated my thoughts on him.

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