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Targeted Treatment Reduces Suicide Risk in Borderline Personality Disorder

miercuri, 20 martie 2013

Targeted Treatment Reduces Suicide Risk in Borderline Personality Disorder: One of the most common forms of treatment for borderline personality (BPD) is dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT). DBT focuses on targeting symptoms and behaviors, and aims to reduce symptom severity and negative outcomes. One of the major goals of DBT is to improve overall well-being and thus minimize the chances of self-harm, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts in those with BPD. The rate of suicide is extremely high among people with BPD, and their overall mortality rate as a result of suicide is nearly 50 times higher than that found in the general population. Therefore, it is imperative that DBT be assessed for effectiveness and compared with other forms of treatment currently being used to treat individuals with BPD.

Cititi si Psihanaliza, Sigmund Freud, freudismul si psihanalistii

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