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Ramon Sadic & Claudiu Craciun, "Memory Repair"

In 2013, Ramon Sadîc & Claudiu Crăciun teamed up to question the sense and purpose of iconic photos / snapshots of very traumatic moments. Let aside the documentary and aesthetic values of these photos, they question the moral and human implication of the authors – photographers that gave up their humanity and let themselves carried away and caught in the act of documenting.

The treasured and award-winning photos are now treated as sources and "repaired" at the level of representation in an attempt of repairing the very facts and the late-reality is fiction and improved. The result is good: the bad is missing.

The project is a work in progress, as the authors’ desired outcome will eventually be shaped as an installation of 7 paintings and a video-statement.

Four paintings will be displayed as a “Memory Repair” preview at Tempoart Gallery in Piata Victoriei, Tower Center, Ground Floor; from December 2013 to March 2014.

Tempoart Gallery


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