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Andrei Gamart, This Garden Was Enchanted

Andrei Gamart

This Garden was Enchanted

Opening on 15 of May at 7 pm
Solo Show by Andrei Gamart
Curator Adina Zorzini

Parallel event for Bucharest Biennale #6
Exhibition open during White Night of Galleries #8

“(…) I paused - I looked -
And in an instant all things disappeared.
(Ah, bear in mind this garden was enchanted!) (…)”
By Edgar Allan Poe

Andrei Gamart is a strong and special emerging Romanian artist of Moldavian origin, born in Chisinau and educated at the Art Academy of Moldova, later established in Bucharest, Romania, where he presently lives and works. Andrei Gamart masters the classical techniques of painting, drawing and engraving, which he uses to explore societal and existential subjects in a highly contemporary manner veiled by a magic atmosphere.

In This Garden was Enchanted solo show, Andrei Gamart delineates his inner assertions upon the world and studies memory stages and illumination aspects in relation to subjective reality, in a manner somehow corresponding to Henri Bergson’s vision regarding immediate experience and intuition. As a result, Andrei Gamart qualifies “reality as a conglomerate of particles, linked together by the strength of a hidden principle and a common memory of the moment when everything was one unit”; meanwhile, another leading and poetic idea that detaches from this group of artworks is that we all belong to the enchanted garden of the world.

The paintings and installation comprised in This Garden was Enchanted solo show present to the public the artistic research of a couple of divine, superior principles organizing the collective perception, that rule the patterns of interpretation regarding the common understanding of the unseen energies overlapping us all, humanity. Andrei Gamart is thus exploring the unifying power of primer energy sources such as memory and light and, represents his interpretation of them within the frame of both personal and collective emotions. (Adina Zorzini)

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