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Street Scape de Jaak Kaevats si Apnoe de Harald Hund la Metro Europe

Forumul Cultural Austriac susţine Ziua Europei la metrou şi invită publicul pasionat de arte contemporane şi cinema la staţia de metrou Ştefan cel Mare, din Bucureşti, vineri, 9 mai, între 16:00 - 19:30 pentru o experienţă artistică şi acvatică inedită.


Vineri, 9 mai, 16:00-19:00, Stația de metrou Ştefan cel Mare

Cu ocazia Zilei Europei, delegații Comisiei Europene la București organizează evenimentul Metro Europe: 28 de stații de metrou bucureștene vor purta numele unei țări membre a Uniunii Europene, Austria fiind găzduită de stația Ştefan cel Mare.

La invitația Forumului Cultural Austriac, estonianul Jaak Kaevets, absolvent al cursului Interfaces Culture al Universității de Design din Linz, va transforma prin instalații interactive fluxul mișcării pasagerilor în proiecții vizuale. Prin scurt-metrajul Apnoe de Harald Hund, lumea subterană a metroului va fi scufundată în apă, iar legile gravitației vor fi eliminate.

Street-Scape is a contextual visualisation of an urban environment.

Our surrounding environment is increasingly mapped and analysed using discrete sensorial information (such as noise levels or air pollution) resulting in a simplified representation of the complex world we inhabit. We use sensors which are cheap to deploy and measure only discrete characteristics that can be measured by the means of these sensors. Furthermore, there is yet another selection by choosing how to label, represent and store the gathered data. Databases alone are useless without a further translation making the stored information human readable or analysable. This involves discarding some aspects while amplifying the others to create analysis or visualisations that prove some arguments and not others.

Street-Scape utilises a technique where gathering data and creating the depiction is simultaneous. Through minimising distillation and translation these visualisations thus result in a more natural and contextual representation of the environment. They display multivariate content such as the density of the people, their demographic features and movement speed in space.

The walking direction of people in the street is plotted in one direction on the 5 minute timeline to make their relative distances between each-other more apparent. All static objects are blurred creating an ambience of the environment while making the moving ones more apparent. The visualisations are rendered in a way that produces people walking 5km/h (average walking speed) with original proportions, everyone moving faster thinner and everyone slower respectively wider.

Street-Scape excludes the unnecessary personal information rendering the captured people anonymous while revealing their demographic qualities such as their approximate age and gender. Thus, presenting the relative amount of children, grown-ups, older people, bikers, etc in a particular location during the visualised time.


Produced at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Japan

For more information see the project website at street-scape.info
Exhibitions and Presentations

2014 / ISEA 2014, Dubai, AE
2014 / Victoria Art Centre, Museum of Modern Art, Romania, RO
2013 / Ars Electronica, Linz, AT
2013 / Street-Scape, Bucharest, RO
2013 / S. Artum, Trbovlje, SL
2013 / IC Lab, Linz, AT
2012 / IAMAS OS, Ogaki, JP


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