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and finally love

and finally love

painture by laurentiu zloteanu

inspired by a poem written by elena murgoci

one day,
as I was playing in a forest,
I got lost in the fog between the trees.

I ran and screamed,
hitting my face against the sharp branches,
terrified of suddenly finding myself
in unfamiliar depths.

as I grew tired, I slowed down
listening intensely
(they must be looking for me
they must know by now.)

the hours went by and I found no refuge
other than the comfort of my own arms around me.

a sense of gentleness came over me ...
then gratefulness came by to say hello;
then patience,
and finally
as bright as a thousand suns
bursting out of my chest,
my eyes,
my mouth.

and finally love laurentiu zloteanu

Foto: pictură de Laurenţiu Zloteanu, And Finally Love - markers, paint markers, acrylics, ink, graffiti spray on paper (40 cm x 70 cm)

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