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Safe & Sorry - Terorismul si supravegherea in masa

vineri, 26 august 2016

securitate supraveghere in masa 11 septembrie

Poate fi combatut terorismul prin programele si mijloacele de supraveghere in masa?

Trebuie sa se renunte la libertatile si drepturile civile in schimbul unei mai mari sigurante?

Este aceasta siguranta, pretinsa de oficialitati, reala?

La toate aceste intrebari cruciale filmul Safe & Sorry ne ofera cateva posibile raspunsuri.

Cititi despre terorism si Bruxellodonosor

Sursele filmului

Terrorist surveillance program:
Original press release:

Assessment of potential effect of surveillance measures if implemented before 9/11:
Interview with FBI director Robert Mueller:

FBI investigations of immigrants:
"NSEERS effect" report:

Quote on aggressive racial profiling:
Article "Are we safer?" by David Cole, Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center:

Extent of NSA surveillance:
NSA power point slides on collecting buddy lists, obtained by Washington Post:

NSA slides on prism data collection, obtained by The Guardian:

NSA results from mass surveillance vs. target surveillance:

Report from the Presidents NSA Review group 2013 (recommending to stop mass data mining because of lack of results):

Article from ProPublica:

Analysis from the New America Foundation:

Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World by Bruce Schneier

Surveillance program didn`t stop any major attacks:

Full video of court hearing with NSA director Keith B. Alexander on surveillance:

Official report on results of phone surveillance policy:

Article on debunked claims:

Official judge ruling on matter points to no evidence:

Report by the legal affairs and human rights committee of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe:

Boston marathon bomber was known to FBI:
Official press release:

FBI asked Apple for help:
Official court order:

Apple`s refusal to crack iPhone:
Official public statement:

Objections against FBI demands from cryptographers:
Brad Smith keynote at the RSA information security conference:
(especially relevant from minute 7 on)

Statement by Information Technology Industry Council:

Amicus briefs supporting Apple:

FBI changing their story about needing Apple`s help:
Initial article on Washington Post:

Initial story on Reutersblog:

Update on Reuters:

Article on ACLU about possible work-around:

Blogpost on another possible workaround:

NSA can turn on iPhone remotely:

BBC interview with Edward Snowden:

Article on Wired:

Abuse of anti-terrorism laws:
Proof of Patriot Act laws used for investigating other crimes, especially drugs:

„Sneak and Peak“ report:

Enforcement of French anti-terrorism laws:
Detailed explanation of new powers given by extended laws:

Original law text (in french):

Abuse of french anti-terrorism laws:
Human rights watch reports cases:

Climate change protesters placed under house arrest:

Censorship in Hungary, Poland and Spain:

Jail time for government critics in Turkey:

Effects of surveillance on our society:
List of issues of power abuse since 9/11 by American Civil liberties union:

General overview over the topic:

Sursa: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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